Our second report update, based on 2019 data, gives a look into our journey to Cultivate a Better World. Through transparent data and aggressive time bound goals in three key areas of our business (Food & Animals, People, and the Environment), this report shows how sustainability is at the core of our business. Sustainability is a part of everyone's role at Chipotle. Our commitment to responsible business starts at the top and permeates all levels of our operations.

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It has always been a top priority to make sure the food we serve is safe and delicious to eat, and is made from ingredients that we have sourced responsibly and sustainably.


Everything at Chipotle begins with people. From the farmers who cultivate our food to our employees who create a place to which customers want to return.


As we have grown, our responsibility to be conscientious about sustainability is compounded and we embrace our role as advocates. We continue to advocate for environmentally and socially responsible food policy.